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Popular procedures

includes improvements on teeth color and shape , and replacement for missing teeth when needed by using zircone / E-max crowns and veneers.

we do RCT for all cases using the best qualified machines and instruments to reach the full length of the canals in order to avoid future treatment failure.

Teeth whitening is one of the good techniques to change the color of the teeth to a whiter, more lustrous color, as we use the zoom 4 device, which is the best and most secure

as it's considered the favorable long term treatment to replace missing teeth by german impants without pain or any complications.

we extract impacted and inclined wisdom teeth properly in a suitable way.

this conservative treatment helps to modify teeth appearance, space closure and occlusion improvement without causing any harm for the teeh.

they are used after caries removal to restore the missed part from the natural tooth, treatment done under rubber dam to obtain the best results as natural prosthetic tooth and avoiding any future problems or caries .


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